Trash Talk is a machinima performed by the ill clan. Possibly one of the earliest machinima groups. Starting out using quake to make machinima that they act out and record in real time. They have preformed whole pieces in front of live audiences.

Characters Edit

Ill Will- The host of trash talk. Mostly a geek gamer who character plays all the rag dolls killed in FPS's. His humor consists of his inability to understand 1337 speak and being the end of mal contents jokes.

Mal Content- Mal the missile is the side arm of ill will. More often making subtle insults around will when is guard is down. He also opens the show with an introduction for ill will. Possibly a part time butt-plug/porn star

Zombie-The zombie appears every once and a while and various episodes. Offers his body up to any person who is a quest on the show. People he has given his body to so far are Gus Serola (Red vs blue), and Johnathan Coulton (Song Writer, code monkey).

The Show Edit

Trash talk, or Tr@shTa1k, is a gamer and media news show performed entirely in the Quake game engine. It is performed in real time without cutting. This is a breakthrough in machinima filming requires it to be filmed clip by clip then be edited together. Trash talk is performed so flawlessly it has been preformed in front of live audiences. The first of these events is The Machinima award 05.

The show has some machinima pieces made by them selfs or other users, Along with gaming news and video game reviews.

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