Time Paradox is a Super Smash Bros Brawl machinima created by MALRwiistation360.this machinima takes place after Super Smash Bros MALR Collection 2 Snake vs Captain Falcon and his other machinimas.

Plot Edit

After Snake and Captain Falcon collide with both Falcon Punches, a time paradox is created and they see another Captain Falcon and Snake.The real Snake tries to call Colonel ny Codec but ends up calling the other Snake later,The real Captain Falcon and the other Captain Falcon show each other there moves until they found a picture of him and Samus together again then they got angry and both Captain Falcons and Snakes fought each other again leading to another time paradox causing more Captain Falcons and Solid Snakes.

The paradox creates chaos in the smash world then they start Falcon Punching almost everyone:Captain Falcon Falcon Punches Metaknight(from Super Smash Bros MALR Collection 2 Metaknights secret) then Kirby yells NO!! in Lukes voice, Snake Falcon Punches King Dedede(Smash Bros X-mas)and Captain Falcon Falcon Punches Fox and Wolf(The Most Epic Brawl Ever) then Snake shoots Captain Falcon then they start Falcon Punching each other.

Captain Falcon Falcon Punches Snake before he defeats Ike(Super Smash Bros MALR Collection Snake vs Ike) then Ike says he'll get sympathy from him for his friend then Snake Falcon Punches Captain Falcon before Falcon Punching Sonic (Don't mess with Captain Falcon) then Captain Falcon accidently Falcon Punches Link before he could finish of Ganondorf (The Final Slash) Ganondorf kills Captain Falcon with a flame choke.

Without Link, the evil Ganondorf is free to rule.Captain Falcon and Snake try to stop him with Falcon Punches but his Warlock Punch and Beast Form is just to powerful for them to defeat.Kirby tries to help bring order to time, so instead of running he stay and does a Falcon Punch which collides with them.

Who is the new hero of time and who can stop the evil Ganondorf? then Snake,Captain Falcon and Kirby team up to stop him.All three of them do a Falcon Punch on Ganondorf and he does a Warlock Punch then the screen says the title TIME PARADOX.

Then the screen says coming soon then it says tomorrow, yesterday, next week, 9/15/08, 2009, 1337, Decemmber, 9001, Monday,This Summer Then it says NEVER.Later, Ganondorf is being chased by Nana.