Smash Bros MALR Collection 2 is a machinima created by MALRwiistation360.This machinima is a bunch of random clips that MALR created.

Don't mess with Captain Falcon 2. Edit

Mario,Luigi and Olimar continue laughing at sonic until he turned Super Sonic and atacks them then he goes over to Capain Falcon but he still gets Falcon Punched.

The Peach of discord. Edit

After Mario finds out what Luigi and Peach did, he goes after Luigi and battles him.After he defeats his own brother, he starts to marry Peach but she had a C3 butterfly was behind her back showing that Peach was with Snake.

Smash Bros X-mas. Edit

It's christmas and King Dedede(as Santa clause) give the mario bros soccer balls,Yoshi,Wario and kirby get food,Link,Marth and Ike get beam swords and there Bridge Of Eldin fixed,Fox and Falco get there secret weapon(cracker launcher),Wolf gets the Landmaster,Peach and Samus get Snake and Ness,Lucas and Toon Link get bob-ombs wich explode in front of them.

Snake vs Captain Falcon. Edit

Captain Falcon finds pictures of Snake and Samus together which gets him angry.Snake was behind him and the both fight for Samus.Kirby was watching them fight then he runs away due to both of them doing the Falcon Punch causing the planet to explode.

Metaknight's secret. Edit

Metaknight and Kirby start fighting with beam sword(lightsabers)then Kirby was at the edge of the stage and Metaknight tells him to join him which he reefuses.Metaknight tells him that he is his father,Kirby tries to not believe it but he beleaves it and joins and halps him rule the smash world.