Smash Bros MALR Collection is a machinima created by MALRwiistation360.This machinima is a bunch of random clips that MALR created.

Don't mess with Captain Falcon. Edit

Captain falcon is first seen running then sonic passes by him causing Captain Falcon to trip.Sonic tell him hes to slow then sonic keeps saying it over and over again.Captain Falcon was about to do a Falcon Punch on Sonic but he runs as far as he could but Captian falcon catches up to him and Falcon Punaches him. Mario,Luigi and Olimar start laughing at Sonic.

Ike's secret. Edit

Ike stars showing how cool he is and how no one can defeat him someone(MALR) asks whats his secret to his success, Ike say he fights for his friends then he asks who are his friends and Ike realises he has no friends then he gets attacked by almost everyone.

Snake's harem. Edit

Peach,Zelda and Samus are in Snake's box "getting busy" with him.Mario,Donkey Kong,Bowser,Link Ike and Captain Falcon are very jealous and mad at Snake for getting all the ladies so they try to attack him with ther final smashes.They miss Snake and attack each other then Snake,Peach,Zelda and Samus see them all knocked out then they "got busy" again in the box.

Ike's most devastating attack. Edit

Ike tries to impress Mario,Luigi,Olimar,Peach,Zelda and samus by doing his most devastating attack but he fails then farts by accident. Mario,Luigi and Olimar laugh at Ike and he runs and jump off the edge of the stage

Captain Falcon is a speed lover. Edit

Sonic and Captain Falcon star runing around the Bridge Of Eldin.Captain Falcon tells Sonic to show his moves and he did then they start hanging out(running and jumping) and later they borrow Snakes box then SNake says to otacon that Sonic rubs him the wrong way.

Snake vs Ike. Edit

Snake and Ike are in the Castle Siege stage(underground tier) then they start fighting.Snake puts on Ike a C4 before Ike uses Great Aether on him and he passes by Samus fighting Charizard(Norfair),Link fighting Ganondorf (Bridge Of Eldin),Zelda and Peach hanging out(Hyrule Temple),Pit battling Meta Knight(Skyworld) and Fox fighting Wolf (Lylat Cruise). Snake back down on the stage Ike is on then he activates the C4 and Ike flies of making Snake the winner.