Source Wars is a machinima series under filming created be Xanatos and the Janus Syndicate.

Plot Edit

Source Wars is presented in a form of TV show with the hosts Frank Futter (Boris) and Turd Schnugel (Xanatos). The show consists of fierce deathmatches between the teams of different Source-engine fueled game players.

Episodes Edit

Episode 1

Counter-Strike Players versus Garrysmodders:

Counter-Strike Players:

{Supa-Leet-Killa}Cap-A-Cop - a fictional character who appeared in JS's Counter-Strife.

(no monitor) Cats - the famous "All your base are belong to us" robot from Zero Wings.

Cortez - a guest character from Smooth Few Films' Leet World.

1-man-clan NOOB!

BOT 01 - a CS bot.


Garry Newman - GMOD creator.

Gordon Frohman - the character from Concerned.

Steinmann - Lit Fuse Films machinimator.


FncyPntz - a Gmod machinimator.

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