Snake's Crazy Codecs - Snake's Failed Instinct is a machinima created by MALRwiistation360. This machinima is about Snake finding love.

Plot Edit

It starts with Snake going through a base to find Samus. When he finds her, she has a Cracker Launcher on her hand. Snake runs away because she was starting to shoot and he escapes with the Cypher.

Then in Yoshi's Island,Snake is slowly crawling towards peach. When he is right behind her, she has a Bob-omb in her hand. Snake runs away before she started to throw more Bob-ombs at him.

Later in the Bridge of Eldin,Snake starts to slowly walk towards Zelda. When he is right behind her, she turns into Shiek. Snake says Creepy and flies off with the Cypher.

The Cypher flies him up to Skyworld, Snake is slowly walking towards Pit. then, he grabs Pit then calls Otacon. Snake says to Otacon that he's got a women with him then Otacon tells him that that's Pit and that he's a guy.

Snake realises it and chases after Pit for what he has done. Pit grabs the edge or the Bridge of Eldin and Sneka keeps falling down from Norfair to Castle Seige underground. Snake sees Ike and Ike says You'll get no sympathy from me.

Then the screen says Remember 70% of all the pretty girls are boys. Snake says is he kidding then the screen says Yes and Snake says Good.