Not Safe 4 Machinima is a Machinima.Com Original project which bases itself around using game engines not usually suitable for machinimating. It is being prouced by

Premise Edit

The creator desribes the show as "a show for those that have wanted a alternative for some time". The show consists of over the top sketches in different video gaming engines.

Episodes Edit

As of now, only the first episode has been released. It consisted of the following sketches:

  • "Electric Cocker" - Infamous
  • "Hole In The Wall" - TMNT Re-Shelled
  • "Trial and Error" - Trials HD
  • "No BJ 4 You" - Punisher"Hes not Fat." - Infamous
  • "Thats a Huge!" -  King Kong
  • "He's Convulsing!" - Trials HD
  • "SAVE.US.JON" - Smackdown Versus Raw 2009
  • "House Activities" - Fallout 3
  • "Claire Isn't Worth It" - Shadow Complex

One of them depicts Jon CJG Graham, a famous Halo machinima director, in a fight agains Fred, a Youtube celebrity.