If you're really having problems with Moviestorm, then try checking here first. Vista Installation. Detailed instructions for installing Moviestorm on Microsoft Vista.

Technical Problems. Hardware issues, system settings, Java issues, etc.

System Requirements. What you need to run Moviestorm.

Known Issues. Issues the development team are already aware of.

Release Note. Download the latest Moviestorm Release Note.

Vista Installation

With NO copy of Moviestorm installed / all old copies completely uninstalled, download a new copy of Moviestorm and save it to your desktop.

  1. Do NOT click / double click on the completed download (which triggers the installer program).
  2. Right click on the installer
         * Select 'properties' from the bottom of the right click context menu
         * Select the 'compatibility' tab. Tick the box for 'run this program in compatibility mode for' and select 'XP Service Pack 2 mode' from the associated drop down list
         * Also select the Privilege Level to be 'Run as Administrator'
         * Click APPLY
         * Select the button for 'Show Properties for All Users'. (If you have User Account Control Enabled, you will have to give permission to Vista to continue)
         * Select the 'compatibility' tab. Tick the box for 'run this program in compatibility mode for' and select 'XP Service Pack 2 mode' from the associated drop down list
         * Also select the Privilege Level to be 'Run as Administrator'
         * Click APPLY
         * Click OK
         * Click OK. You should now have the Moviestorm installer download and no context menu visible
  3. Right click on the installer
         * Select 'Run as Administrator' from the context menu. (If you have User Account Control Enabled, you will have to give permission to Vista to continue)
         * The installer should now run and install correctly

After Installing

Repeat steps 1 and 2 above on the Moviestorm shortcut that the installer created for you to give the same rights to the Moviestorm Application. Mouse Issues

The middle mouse button is mapped by Vista to the action of 'lay out my open windows in a grid'. This is not helpful to Moviestorm as we use the middle mouse button for camera control.

Ensure you have the full correct Vista drivers for your mouse installed. Microsoft wheel mice are mainly supported by Intellipoint software, the latest version is available here:, but other mice have other driver needs to enable 're-mapping' of the middle/wheel button.

As a workaround, change the mouse settings in Vista control panel:

Windows > Control Panel > Hardware & Sound > Mouse

The exact steps will depend upon your specific mouse; look for a selection that enables you to map the middle/wheel button to 'middle click' rather than 'desktop management'.

We are in the early stages of 'Works with Vista' certification, and will improve this before the autumn. Meanwhile, do please email Support with any specific errors or problems you find here.

Technical Problems When trying to install Moviestorm, I get the message "DOWNLOADS FAILED: Read timed out" and the installation stops.

Likely cause: The installer is trying to open an incomplete download. In most cases, this happens whilst using download managers to download Moviestorm or updates to Moviestorm.

Solution: Download Moviestorm again. The auto-updater isn't getting me the latest version of Moviestorm.

Likely cause: Your firewall is blocking the Moviestorm updater.

Solution: Check your firewall settings to ensure that Moviestorm has the correct permissions that allow Moviestorm to contact our server to download the latest update. In future we will be providing a separately downloadable version of the latest updates. I have installed Moviestorm, but I keep getting a Java error when I try to open Moviestorm and it crashes to desktop.

Likely cause: You have the wrong version of Java on your PC. Moviestorm currently uses Java 5.9, rather than the very latest version Java 6.0. We supply Java 5.9 and routinely install it as part of Moviestorm, but this may occasionally not work correctly.

Solution: Install Java 5.9, available from If that still does not work, try uninstalling Java 6.0. When I open Moviestorm and start a film I can see the controls, but I can't see the set or any of the 3D sections.

Likely cause: Graphics drivers are not up to date. Windows Vista default graphics drivers are known not to work with Moviestorm.

Solution: update your graphics drivers. I cannot load an existing film I was working on.

Likely cause: If you see the message, "cause-exception: java.lang.NullPointerException", Moviestorm is trying to use an asset that you no longer have. This can occur after a new build has gone out, or if you have changed or deleted any of the Moviestorm assets while modding.

Solution: Ensure you have an up to date version of Moviestorm. Moviestorm appears to be running very slowly.

Likely cause (1): Your shader settings are too high for your PC.

Solution (1): Turn off shaders in the settings panel of the main menu. This will increase system performance at the expense of graphical quality. For best performance, turn off shaders to create a movie, and turn them settings back on to render out at full quality.

Likely cause (2): You have a lot of characters on-screen and/or a very complex set.

Solution (2): Reduce the complexity of your scene. My characters' heads are floating around the set.

Likely cause: Your graphics card can't handle hardware skinning option. Some graphics cards will allow you to fully select all of our shader options even if they can't cope with them.

Solution: Go to the Settings screen on the main menu and turn off hardware skinning. The forums and documentation occasionally refer to an mscope file - where can I find it?

In Windows XP: In Documents and Settings/Moviestorm/Movies/[Moviename]/movie.mscope. Beware of editing this file directly - you can wreck your entire movie very easily if you make a mistake. Movies don't play correctly in the Windows Media Player plugin when I use the Firefox browser.

Likely cause: Windows Media Player 11 does not work properly in Firefox.

Solution: Download this Firefox plugin:

System Requirements Moviestorm requires:

   * Microsoft Windows 2000, or Microsoft Windows XP
   * A PC with 1.5GHz processor
   * 512MB memory (1GB recommended)
   * 5GB available hard disk
   * 1024x768, 32 bit colour display
   * Internet connection is required for registration, online services and updates but Moviestorm can otherwise be used offline
   * Graphics card with latest OpenGL drivers (DirectX 9 equivalent)
         o nVidia GeForce 6200+
         o ATI X800+
   * Older graphics cards may work but are currently unsupported and may not provide a useable performance without reducing the visual quality settings

Known Issues

   * Moviestorm is not fully compatible with Vista.
   * Moviestorm does not support all graphics cards.
   * Audio does not work when importing Moviestorm files into Sony Vegas.
   * Movies created with Beta 1.4.3 or earlier may not work in Beta 2.0.

Release Note

Download the Moviestorm Beta 2.0.4 Release Note for full details on:

   * System requirements
   * Known limitations
   * Installation
   * Upgrading
   * What's New
   * Changes in this release
   * Outstanding issues