king of Evil is a machinima created by MALRwiistation360.This machinima takes plae after Blood Bond,The Final Slash,Time Paradox and Brawl Alert.

Plot Edit

 It starts with showing what happened in Blood Bond,The Final Slash and Time Paradox.Then, it shows wher Brawl alert left off, Ganondorf Falme Chokes Captain Falcon then Snake tries shooting Gasnondorf but he Flame Chokes him from behind.

 Solid Snake and Captain Falcon team up to try to stop Ganondorf but he is too strong.they attack with Super Scopes (that shoot Ray gun's lasers)and Cracker Launchers.They attack everywhere around diffrent stages even with the Landmaster.

 Snake tries to use Grenade Launcher on Ganondorf but he Floated up and Warlock Punched him from the sky.Captain Falcon tries to use the Aura Beam(Lucario's final smash) on Ganondorf but he was to fast and directs the beam to The team.Captain Falcon tries his Landmaster on Ganondorf but he kept shielding the attack.

 Kirby(in Captain Falcon's mask) battles Ganondorf but he gets unconcious then Snake and Captain Falcon help him out which didn't work.Some try to ask for help but Ganondorf follows them to the Bridge of Eldin.Ganondorf was about to attack them until Zelda saves them from him and teleports Snake and Captain Falcon to Hyrule Temple.

 Meanwhile in Summit, Nana wakes up and finds her brother Popo dead. Ganondorf,Snake,Captain Falcon and Kirby were about to Falcon Punch Ganondorf(where Time Paradox left off) but Ganondorf Flame Chokes Snake down to the ground and kicks both Captain Falcon and Kirby out of the stage then Nana appear out of nowhere and was about to run into Ganondorf then the Creens says King of Evil.

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