Rex the Brute

Rex the Brute

Halo Uncensored is a machinima by KenshiCorp.

Halo UncensoredEdit

Episode 1Edit

Master Chief takes Douchbag to the Control Room. But Cortana has a key that Douchbag wants.

Episode 2Edit

Master Chief destroys the Flood, now Titties is trying to have Sex In Texas, its up to Chief to kill him.

Episode 3Edit

Chief is knocked out on the way to Titties. He awkens in a prison of some sort, waiting there is Cockayyass and an unknown prisoner.

Episode 4Edit

Chief escapes and finds a message from Titties.

Episode 5Edit

Chief finds Titties dressed up as an old man and he kills him.

Episode 6Edit

Truth finds Titties's corpse and finds The Sacred Cock Icon, so everyone can Skeet Skeet Skeet Skeet. But Chief has other plans...

Episode 7Edit

Truth and his bodyguard, Weed, escape in a Phantom.

Halo Uncensored 2-The TruthEdit

The second series. It reveals that Cockayyass is an evil Monitor who is acting as another Moniter to kill Chief. He also has a minion named Rex the Brute.

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