Getting Free is a machinima created by MALRwiistation360. this machinima use the song Not gonna get us by T.A.T.U.

Plot Edit

It starts with Peach and Zelda trapped by Game and Watches.Zelda teleports out of her prison cell and frees Peach from the cell.Then they start attacking the Game and watches and escape.

Meanwhile in the Ganondorfs lair, he sees Peach and Zelda on the monitor then he calls Bowser and shows him where they are.Both Peach and Zelda are running then Ganondorf and Bowser teleport (by on-screen taunt) in front and behind them then they start fighting and bith Ganondorf and Bowser lost.

Peach and Zelda are at the Bridge of Eldin, then Ganondorf and Bowser came for a rematch. They fight again and both Peach and Zelda were knocked unconcious then Mario and Link stop Bowser and Ganondorf woth their final smash.They wake up and theyran from Link and Mario which made them sad.

Peah and Zelda get married and Got Busy in Snake's box.Snake is by the box and says that that is creepy he walks away the he looks behind and sees Peach and Zelda with Giant Bob-ombs and Snake runs away screaming.