Criken or Criken2 is an popular L4D player and a contributor to He is the creator of the popular gameplay montage series Funny Moments Of Getting Owned and the upcoming Pillz Here series.

Style Edit

Criken's style of creating videos might be regarded as a contrast to the style of Killplix, another popular L4D player. While Kilplix's humour is mostly delivered in game by recording what people say on teamspeak, Criken's humour is situational and is delivered in post-production added captions.

While the Funny Moments Of Getting Owned series should be classified as a series of gameplay videos, there are a couple of recurring themes and machinima-like sketches. Also, his new series Pillz Here is probably going to be a fully acted machinima sketch series.

Appearances in other videos Edit

Most notably, Criken appeared in a series similar to his called Ownage Meets Failure by gNatFreak.

Criken is a very community-related director, responding to numerous comments and even creating speedrun contests.

The first of such contests was a Fastest Speedrun Challenge - No Mercy 1 which ended in a four-people tie with the exact same time of 29.5 seconds.