Captain Falcon's Dream is a machinima created by MALRwiistation360. This time it's about Captain Falcon and his all time dream: Samus.The song they were using while training was You're the Best Around" by Joe Esposito.

Plot Edit

Captain Falcon walks up to Snake who was with Samus, then he challenges Snake to a battle. Captain Falcon was about to use a Falcon Punch but Snake does a Colonel Punch and he wins. Snake and Samus leave and Got Busy in the box.

Captain Falcon did not give up so he goes to Ganondorf to learn the dark side. Then they start training, they start by punching Sandbags but Captain Falcon failed and gets kicked by Ganondorf, then he starts teaching him his moves. Meanwhile, Kirby is training Snake to be a good fighter.

Ganondorf teaches Captain Falcon how to carry Giant Crates and KIrby was also showing Snake how to do it as well. Captain Falcon treid to do it but he failed. Then they both start learning about sidestepping without being hit by Rolling Crates and Captain Falcon gets hit by a Giant Rolling Crate.

Then Captain Falcon carries a normal crate and breaks it and what comes out is food, Ganondorf was about to eat the second food but Captain Falcon ate it which got him angry and gets him to kick Captain Faclon.

Then, both Snake and Captain Falcon are learning how to break normal crates then Captain Faclon accidently Falcon Punches a Blast Box which got him flying. After all that training, Captain Falcon starts to carry the Giant Crate and he succeeds so he is ready for a rematch.

Captain Falcon tries to find Snake only to find a bunch of empty boxes that Snake used which got Captain Falcon angry at Snake who was behind him then the rematch begins. They start battling each other with what they learned then Snake was going to do a Colonel Punch but Captain Falcon jumps and Falcon Punches him from behind.

After a hard training with Ganondorf, Captain Falcon got to his dream (Samus) then they Got Busy in Snake's box, Then Samus told him is that all then he goes Oh man! Oh God! over and over then the screen says remember to choose your dream carefully then it says it might be your worst nightmare.