Brawlgasm episode 6 is a brawl machinima created by GuitarmasterX7

Plot Edit

On Shadow Moses Island,Link pulls out a bomb then Snake tries to attack but the bomb got in the way because he knows Snake does this all the time then Snake tells Link to get down because the spotlight is on him then Link says to him that it does nothing then Snake ask about where yogurt comes out after they eat it and Links says he doesn't care.Later, Snake asks Link about his fire camo and he says that it wouldn't work then he test it by attacking Sonic he succeeds his test on the camo.

Zero Siut Samus's brother(green Samus) is mad at Link for what he's been trying to do to his sister so he was gonna blast him and says imma firin mah dick!Then Link asks him why did he just do that and he says that everyone always expects the laser then he blasts Link with the laser.

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