Plot Edit

The episode starts with Kirby doing an impersonation of Ganondorf for Mario (with the condition that Mario "do the squirty") (FLUDD Attack) Unfortunately Ganondorf sees the impersonation. Angered, he challenges "The Pink Sphere of Douche-Baggery." Kirby goes to Link, who won't help because he found out he had a 12-year old kid whose mother died in child birth. Kirby goes to find "The Boobies" so Link will kill Ganon. Samus comes on to Kirby. He tries to resist temptation so that Link doesn't get angry. At the fight, Link breaks in killing Sonic and Ganondorf. Then he uses his Final Smash on Kirby assuming that he "fucked the Boobies." Telling him that nothing happened, Kirby says that Samus left Link a Deku Nut. Link goes and uses it to stun her. About to finally do it, Ganon uses his Final Smash on Link.

Trivia Edit

  • Blackimar's First Appearance