The third episode of Brawlgasm.

Plot Edit

In Brawlgasm: Episode 3, Link attempts to catch 'The Boobies' again but he trips and fails. Mr. Game & Watch comes and shows him a video about tripping. He only used the video to get Link to suck his dick. Link refused to suck his dick. Captain Falcon jumps on the stage and thinks tripping will serve a greater purpose one day. "Even bring world peace." Then Captain Falcon says some other weird stuff and Game and Watch and Link stare at him. A few moments later, Link and Captain Falcon get rid of Mr. Game & Watch. Later, Link goes to Snake and has a chat with him. In the end Link goes back home but trips.

Trivia Edit

  • Guitarmasterx7 thinks Dedede is a Nazi.
  • First appearance of Mr. Game & Watch.
  • When Captain Falcon falcon punches Mr. Game & Watch, Mr. Game & watch couldn't climb back on to the stage because he recently got a manicure.
  • Mr. Game & Watch talks like a girl.

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