Second episode of Brawlgasm.

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In Brawlgasm: Episode 2, Kirby jumps on Wario and he gets mad at Kirby so he challenges him to a fight on Final Destination. Link says he going to help Kirby until Zero Suit Samus(The Boobies) came and he started chasing her then Captain Falcon tries to help Kirby by telling him to use the falcon Punch but Kirby refuses.He tries to get help from Marth,Snake,Ike and Mario but they're no help at all. Later in Final Destination Wario runs over Kirby with his motorcycle then eats it. Kirby does what Marth told him but it didn't work, Kirby had no choice but to use a Falcon Punch but that also didn't work. Link then sees Kirby and tells him that he could'nt catch her and Kirby says that he hates him. In the credits, the audience say "We like Ike!!" but Ike says "No you don't!", "Shut up! Where is this coming from?!?!", "No you like Zelda!! You like Link!! No! No! No!" and "I'm gonna kill you! Where are you?!"

Trivia Edit

  • First appearance of 'The Boobies' (Zero Suit Samus) ,Wario, Marth, Captain Falcon, Ike and Mario.
  • Running gag: Captain Falcon trying to tell Kirby to use the Falcon Punch but Kirby keeps refusing.
  • List of people trying to help KIrby:

Marth: Teaching Kirby how tue a sword Kirby then he says that he doesn't have a sword.

Snake: Telling Kirby to grow a beard, he did but he doesn't feel any diffrent then Snake says to shave it off because he doesn't look good with it.

Ike: Telling Kirby to cut Wario in the wrist then he says again that he doesn't have a sword.

mario: Telling Kirby to jump on Wario then Kirby says that is what got him in this battle.

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