Blood Bond is a Super Smash Bros Brawl machinima created by MALRwiistation360. this machinima is about tell This time he try to tell a drama about the Ice Climbers.Time running: 5:50.

Plot Edit

This video begins with Popo having fun with the guys (like soccer and eating lots of food) and Nana is having fun with Zelda, Peach and Jigglypuff. Then, Nana tries to climb the tall mountain but she can't reach to the top and Popo (on the other side of the mountain) also couldn't reach to the top.

Later, Popo is at Summit and he meets Nana then they fell in love with each other. Both of the Ice Climbers start having fun together then they "got busy" in Snake's box. Later, they climbed up to Hyrule Temple to Lylat Cruise then they try to climb the mountain they couldn't reach but with the help from their teamwork, they got to the top.

They we're very happy until Ganondorf shows up and seperates them both then he teleports to Hyrule Temple and attack Nana along with Bowser. Popo gets attacked by Wolf and Wario, but instead of giving up, they both fought back. Nana defeats Bowser and Ganondorf then Popo defeats Wolf and Wario later, they meet each other again in Green Hill Zone.

Nothing could end their love for each other then saddly for the Ice Climbers, they discovered they are siblings and now they are sad.