An amateur voice actor who has taken part in various machinima related projects on youtube. Andrew, also known as Smylingbeast, is well known for providing the voice of Resident Evil villain, Albert Wesker and various others characters as well.

Voice Acting ProjectsEdit

  • A World Turning: Resident Evil 5 Machinima
  • Capcom Friends (Mysticflight Productions)
  • Hellsing Ultimate OVA
  • ICWO (Williams Guild Entertainment)
  • Joe Friday
  • KDMD
  • Moustache Attack: ApocalYpse Later
  • Oblivion: Machinima
  • Raccoon City Stories
  • Resident Evil: Dialogues Don'ts
  • Resident Evil Outbreak: The Movie (Williams Guild Entertainment)
  • Resident Evil Parodies (YetiProductions)
  • Resident Evil: Real World Racoon City (Lazy Dead Productions)
  • Resident Evil: Run Forest Run! (Lazy Dead Productions)
  • Resident Evil: Story of a girl name Jill
  • The DC Chronicles
  • The Imperial City Chronicles
  • Wesker and Ocelot: Head 2 Head


Andrew's Youtube Page

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